1What are your translation rates?
Rates vary based on factors such as the field of work. send us a sample to quote accordingly.
2What is the free trial translation service?
In order to verify the quality of our translation beforehand, you can feel safe placing an order with us. With this service, we will translate an excerpt from your original document or another piece of text of your choosing; the same shall be within 100 English or Arabic words. To upload a free trail text.
3What languages do you translate?
We handle translations of Arabic, English, and French. Other languages may also be considered.
4How many days does translation require?
We will try to do our best to meet your deadline and to accommodate your need. However, the time required to accomplish the translation may vary based on source and target language and the in which format we receive document of the source language.
5Do you accept rush orders?
Yes, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
6What should I keep in mind when I request a translation?
We prefer receiving the document in an electronic format , preferably in MS Word format, rather than as a hard copy. In case special formatting, font, or setting is required, please let us know of any special settings or requests beforehand.
7If you’re not near to us:
You can scan your document and send it via an email attachment. You can also send it through the mail to our address. Then you can make a payment via [bank transfer, Postal transfer, or Vodafone Cash]; then, we can send you the document through the email.
8Why is the count of pages indicated in my bill may vary from the number of pages I actually received?
The count of words per page can vary depending on each software settings for fonts, characters and lines.  Also, pages with large amounts of text contain more words and require more translation work, while pages with graphics and diagrams contain fewer words and therefore require less translation work. As a result, the actual count of pages delivered will not necessarily be equal to the number of pages billed. Billed page counts are calculated based on the amount of translation, and may differ from the actual number of pages delivered. Such count is calculated based on the standard translation page of 200 words.
9Can I specify the software format for the translation output?
We handle most common electronic Microsoft compatible applications that include: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or alike; because translation charges may vary based on required formatting, we appreciate receiving you instructions in advance and before we quote our charges.
10What should I pay attention to upon placing my translation request?
It is preferable to receiving the original material in an electronic form rather than as a hard copy.In case you would like to have translation in a specific format, we can tailor the output to your needs.As target language may vary from one industry to another, it would be useful to provide with any specified terminology, glossary of terms, or reference material.

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