Quality Process


Translation Quality Process

At TransHorizone, we endeavor to provide the highest quality services to our clients. For this end, we have set up a process to ensure that we deliver content that is grammatically, structurally, and contextually perfect. The process is divided into three steps, wherein, we verify each and every term and expression in the content. We have employed cultural and linguist professional across the globe to ensure that the content that we deliver to our clients is in conformity with the high standard and the expectations of the clients.

One of the most important parts of any translation project is project evaluation. This is the phase wherein, professional determines the level of expertise in translation required for the project. After project evaluation, the project is approved for translation by TransHorizone . The project is then allocated to a professional who has the required expertise depending on the subject matter. Delegating the project to the right professional having expertise and experience that are very essential to the quality of the output.

We have employed linguistic professionals who are proficient in the concerned language pair. The linguistic professional ensures that the meaning conveyed by the translated text does not vary from the initial content. Moreover, there are instances when some languages and cultures do not accept certain words and sentences, which are easily accepted by most other languages and cultures. The linguistic professional also ensures that the content in the final draft does not contain any words or sentences which are deemed inappropriate in that particular language or culture.

TransHorizone¬†‘s team comprises of proofreaders who have multiple years of experience in proofreading content. This ensures that there is no scope for any grammatical error in the content that we deliver to our clients. The proofreaders go through each and every word of the content to ensure that there are free from spelling and punctuation errors. Further, the proofreaders also check for wrongly spelled words, and figures of speech that have been used in the content.

A specific term could have more than meaning depending on the person’s cultural background. One term could be acceptable while not the same in another country despite the fact both countries speak the same language, Arabic.