It is a type of translation but with special settings as such translation is accompanied with a video.

We have three levels featured this service as follows:

  1. Only regular translation service is required

  2. Translation with timings set is needed

  3. Translation with timings set along with using a program tailored for this service, such as Subtitle Shop.

  4. Translation with timings set added to a video film, where the translation (subtitles) is shown on the screen.

Job can be provided with/without a written script along with the timings and video for inserting the subtitles thereon. Subtitling process can contain the following steps:

  • Embedding subtitles in videos

  • Deleting on-screen text or images/logos from videos

  • Adding translated text to videos

  • Applying effects/animations to translated text to be included in videos

  • Deleting original audio from a video and synch new audio

Subtitling Software: such as Aegisub or Subedit
Files formats: .srts, .saa, .ass, and .mvtt

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